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New 2nd Edition with expanded information about ammunition, malfunction diagnosis and cure, and best practices for maintenance.

70 pages with 116 photographs.

Ebook edition has full-color photos throughout.

Print edition has grayscale photos on the pages. Printed on high-quality, 28 lb. paper with color cover on glossy, heavy cardstock.

Large 8.5 x 11 format makes it easy to see the details in the photos.
Comb bound to lie flat on your bench.

You will be amazed at how easy the 10/22 is to work on. The 10/22 Companion explains all of the parts of the rifle, how they work together, how to troubleshoot and fix malfunctions, complete disassembly and re-assembly instructions, the optimal maintenance program, customization and modifications, and competitive shooting sports that cater to the 10/22.

This guide is intended for the new or casual 10/22 owner, whether you are new to guns in general or only to the 10/22. You may have owned your rifle for decades yet never had it apart. The guide covers the basic procedures, and some handy tips, for operating, maintaining and customizing your rifle. It does not cover such advanced topics as bedding the action, altering the bolt, or modifying the original trigger parts, which require a serious amount of gunsmithing knowledge and special tools.  Doing some of these procedures improperly can make your rifle unsafe or even illegal. For the vast majority of owners, proper maintenance and, if desired, tuning the rifle with safe modifications and easily installable aftermarket parts, will keep our 10/22s reliable, accurate, and fun to shoot.

Comments from readers:

"An enlightening and invaluable resource."
"Great information and I wish I had had such a reference when I was getting started on 10/22's. Nicely done, sir!"
"Your eBook is exceptional.  It’s just at the right level for a guy like me, and I’ve used it quite a bit over the past couple weeks."
"Great book, Thanks!"
"chock full of all the good stuff."

"Using this reference beats the snot out of trying to hunt for fragmented info on the Interwebz. By utilizing his easy-to-read, understandable descriptions and detailed photographs, I have been able to easily complete most of the maintenance tasks he describes with no issues whatsoever."

"As a guy who has been fixing things my whole life, I have spent countless hours with my nose stuck in countless service and repair manuals, ranging from automobiles to small engines, from home appliances to commercial ac/refrigeration. Many of those countless hours were spent trying to figure out just what the pictures in those books were attempting to depict. I am very impressed with the quality and clarity of the photographs in the 10/22 Companion book. It will be very nice to spend time actually working on whatever project that I've set out to do, instead of trying to decipher a vague, black and grey ink blob."

"The pictures are crisp, clear and well captioned and the instructions are spot on. It has a few pages on customization, nothing radical, and the rest is basic operation, maintenance and repair. I work on firearms for a living and the Ruger 10/22 is one of the guns I'm asked to fix or modify fairly frequently. And this manual had a few tricks I didn't know that will make my work easier. That alone deserves five stars."

"I'm half-way through my second reading and as a complete 10/22 noob I'm finding this book to be a terrific resource for learning about function, using, maintaining, troubleshooting, and modifying the 10/22. It's heavy on clearly labeled photos and contains many web links for suppliers and 10/22 smiths.
I think it could also be a worthwhile buy for owners whatever their level of experience since it's handy to have all the above in one place.
Thanks Bob, for a great service to the 10/22 nation!"

From the Preface:

Why buy this book? Nearly everything about almost anything can be found for free on the web today, with videos. I wrote this book because:

  • All the important knowledge about how your 10/22 works and how to work on it is here in one place. You don’t have to be online to use it and you don’t have to search for it or wade through conflicting advice from people who may not know well what they are about.


  • The explanations, procedures, advice and tips in this book are derived directly from my hands-on experience teaching 10/22 owners how to work on their rifles and helping hundreds of shooters of all ages and experience levels at Appleseed and club events. This book presents the information almost exactly as I teach it in my 10/22 Maintenance Clinics, so you will find it easy to use and complete.


  • There are buyer’s guides available that review or list the dozens of barrels, stocks and action upgrades available. There are so many products, and the decision about which is best for you is so personal, that I can’t presume to give an opinion on each one and I will not opine on anything I don't have actual experience with.

This book will generally avoid telling you what to buy, but it will show you how to install it, and how to take care of it. Where I do express an opinion on a product, it is based on personal experience and I explain my reasoning. I have no connection with any company named in this book other than being an ordinary customer of some of them. 

While everything in this book has worked for me and my students, you are in control of your 10/22 and I am not looking over your bench. Everything you do with your rifle or to it is solely your responsibility.