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About the Author

I began shooting rifles for sport at the age of nine - over forty years ago.  My first 10/22 had a nine-pound trigger pull, no sling swivels, and that imprecise, hard-to see bead-and-blade sighting system. I quickly made it into a Liberty Training Rifle with aperture sights and a web sling for my first Appleseed event, qualified as a Rifleman, and was hooked. I've worked on many 10/22s since then. As an instructor I have helped hundreds of students learn to operate their 10/22s and other types of rifles with safety and confidence, troubleshoot and fix malfunctions, properly clean and tune, and improve the fit and function of their rifles. A few times per year I conduct a hands-on Maintenance Clinic for small groups to work on their 10/22s with guidance from expert coaches.

I wrote The 10/22 Companion because I could not find a good, single resource that would thoroughly answer all my questions about it.